Regenerative Carbon Project Development for a Sustainable Future

Biodel AG is dedicated to improving farm incomes, soil health, and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

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Soil carbon sequestration addresses more than 50%* of required green house gas reduction while creating an enormous economic opportunity for farmland owners.

Biodel provides a simple comprehensive solution enabling owners of intensively farmed acres to access these new revenue streams while also realizing production benefits.

*Source: Global Sequestration Potential of Increased Organic Carbon in Cropland Soils | Scientific Reports (

Regenerative Carbon Program

Biodel AG uniquely provides the most compelling and cost-effective solution for sequestering significant volumes of CO2 from our atmosphere, while revitalizing depleted soils. These practices  involve precise in field measurement of soil carbon, permanent carbon sequestration, and emission reduction strategies

Biodel AG is dedicated to improving farm incomes, soil health, and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.  Ultimately, these efforts aim to rebalance atmospheric carbon.

Our focus on deep sequestration of CO2 and high accuracy carbon measurements reward growers for the actual amounts they sequester in the soil.  We provide the process and support to generate high value carbon credits.

We streamline the process of deriving value from soil carbon sequestration, facilitating all aspects of the process.

At Biodel Ag our program includes:

  • Professional agronomic data gathering, support and advice
  • Carbon measurement, recording, and verification (MRV) services
  • Generation of high-quality credits in collaboration with a registry
  • Carbon credit sales in the most valuable market segments

We are the preferred partner for:

  • Strong economic returns
  • Trusted advisory services
  • Comprehensive support

To learn more about the opportunity we invite you to a complimentary consultation, in person or virtually.

What is unique about the Biodel Regenerative Carbon Program?

  1. We measure the full root zone which yields more carbon credits per acre.
  2. We measure actual soil carbon and compensate based measured rather than modeled carbon amounts.
  3. We are soil specific, not crop specific.


The basis of our carbon program is restoring soil carbon cycling leading to the permeant sequestering of carbon.   Biodel AG provides agronomic advice to facilitate the basic practice changes or enhancements that restore carbon cycling.


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