What We Do

At Biodel AG, we develop and manufacture proprietary ingredients for license to product manufacturers in the Crop Protection Industry.

We envision a world in which there are grower-friendly products created by agriculture experts. The products are designed to push higher crop yields and replace synthetic fertilizers, rebuild soil and manage salt build-up, and drive soil storage of greenhouse gases, creating additional farm revenue. We want growers to be a part of the solution to climate change, embodying regenerative agriculture practices and using completely sustainable methods so their future is secured.

Biodel AG offers a variety of plant extracts and microbial ingredients for formulation into products used by organic and regenerative growers, as well as conventional growers. Our ingredients are ideal for improving soil health and promoting carbon sequestration.


Biodel AG was organized in 2015 to commercialize a plant extract discovery that has broad application in Agriculture. Since 2020, Biodel AG has received 3 US and 2 International patents on the plant extract discovery. In addition, Biodel AG grows, processes and blends other plant and microbial extracts. Our facility is located in Maricopa, Arizona and includes a laboratory, processing and bottling area.