Pioneering Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Resilience  

Agriculture offers a vital solution for climate change through carbon sequestration, sustainable practices and the acceleration of biodiversity in our soils. 

Carbon Project Development

Biodel AG’s wholly owned subsidiary, Biodel Carbon LLC, a Carbon Project Developer, uniquely provides the most compelling and cost-effective solution for sequestering significant volumes of atmospheric CO2, while revitalizing depleted soils.  

Biodel streamlines the process of deriving value from soil carbon sequestration. We invite you to consider partnering with Biodel on a Carbon Project.  

Reduce. Rebuild. Regenerate.

Discover the power of regenerative agriculture with Biodel AG.

Our innovative products, crafted through patented processes and exclusive blends, are designed to enhance soil vitality and boost plant health. Plus, we offer unique opportunities for offset and inset benefits ensuring your farming practices are both sustainable and profitable.

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Our Team

Ben Cloud

CEO & Director

Michael Kirksey


Travis Kraft

Vice President, Sales

Tom Christensen


Kent Adams

Chief Revenue Officer

Shari Bonefield


Johann Buck

PhD, Product Development

Paul Zorner

Head Agronomist

Thomas Ishoey

PhD Advisor

Melanie Venter


Dr. Glenna McCollum

MPH, Rd Advisor

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