Regenerative Agriculture Crop Inputs and Carbon MRV for a Sustainable Future

We are Biodel AG, Inc., a US-based regenerative agriculture company committed to providing essential biological inputs and practices necessary to rebuild the earth’s depleted soil and its biodiversity to reverse climate change.

We grow, harvest and process microorganisms and plant extracts to create value-driven products for the benefit of Agricultural Landowners and Farm Operators so they can economically improve their environmental footprint.

Our proven regenerative practices convert agricultural lands from carbon emitters to carbon sinks, providing landowners with marketable carbon credits, lower operating costs, and the most compelling and cost-effective solution for sequestering substantial volumes of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere while revitalizing depleted soils.


To Reduce, Rebuild, Regenerate

Biodel AG is dedicated to improving global health and sustainability within the food supply chain. In sequestering atmospheric carbon and placing it in soil, we envision a world where landowners are empowered to be part of the solution to climate change and greater economic resilience and security.

The loss of soil microbial biomass and its functionality impairs carbon and nutrient cycling, leading to soil health decline, reduced water-holding capacity, and decreased crop water use efficiency. This results in excessive water and fertilizer inputs, associated costs, and salt accumulation. Our regenerative inputs restore carbon and nutrient cycling to the soil.


Biodel AG is a soil and crop health company and that offers a complete program consisting of regenerative crop inputs applied over the crop cycle to restore soil health while optimizing crop performance. With a multi-year regenerative transition contract, the three essential elements of Time, Intensification, and Capacity are provided. The objective of lower inputs costs, higher average yields, and intensive carbon sequestration can be realized.

Primary Regenerative Inputs:
  • Soil Amendments
  • Complexed Carbon Fertilizers
  • Biostimulants
Pipeline Regenerative Inputs:
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides

Soil Amendments, Complexed Carbon Fertilizers, and Biostimulants


Soil Amendment that drives microbial interactions and rapidly restores soil function and its ability to capture carbon.


A fungal dominant microbial extract containing beneficial aerobic microbes as a companion product with Sequester

Our Unique Ingredients:

Isoprenoid Amino Complex: A patented extract derived from the guayule shrub. A potent plant biostimulant.

Cyanoblend: A proprietary blend of cyanobacteria strains.

Complexed Carbon: A proprietary blend of simple and complex sugars, proteins, and lipids.

Our Regenerative AG Ingredients Enable Landowners To

Go Full Regenerative

Regenerative Transition Contracts is an exclusive Biodel Ag program to transition to regenerative agricultural practices over a 5-year term via proprietary Sequester products

Earn Carbon Credits

Converts AG properties from carbon emitters to carbon sinks with proven regenerative practices and marketable carbon credits

Meet Your Goals

Meet carbon sequestration objectives while improving soil health, sustainability, crop resilience and enterprise profits

Our team

Ben Cloud, CEO & Director

Michael Kirksey, MBA CFO, Exec VP

Tom Christensen, MBA Advisor

Shari Bonefield, Marketing Specialist

Thomas Ishoey, PhD Advisor

Kent Adams, MC Advisor

Paul Zorner, PhD Advisor

Melanie Venter, Communications

Johann Buck, PhD Product Development

Dr. Glenna McCollum, MPH, RD Advisor


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