Unlocking the power of nature to restore sustainability to our soils and food supply

Biodel AG offers a growing number of biological products for crop and livestock production, based upon our proprietary microbial and amino acid ingredients.

1. Nitrogen-Fixing, Photosynthetic Autotrophs

We produce a proprietary blend of Cyanobacteria  strains called Cyanoblend™.

These microorganisms drive the microbial food chain to restore soil health and function.

We Grow Cyanobacteria to make Cyanoblend™ for Crop Production and Animal Feeds.

Salt Effected Soils

Cyanobacteria can play a strong role in the reclamation of salt-affected soils as shown in the table at right. Standard nutrients were used on the “Untreated” samples while Cyanoblend™ was used on the “Treated” samples. The Treated samples show a reduction of 75% in Na+ levels.

Cyanobacteria adapt to higher salt levels, so they are available to help the soil and plant without damage.

Water restrictions for farms & homes make salt management even more important – besides better soil health, lowered salts don’t need extra water to flush them away.

2. Isoprenoid Amino Complex®

A patented plant extract naturally derived from the guayule shrub. IAC promotes plant vigor and resistance to abiotic stress.

We Grow and Process Guayule to extract Isoprenoid Amino Complex®

3. Product:
Sequester® Soil Amendment

A biological crop input used to restore soil health and function.  Utilizes both our Cyanoblend™ and Isoprenoid Amino Complex® ingredients.

We Manufacture Branded Products formulated with Cyanoblend™ and Isoprenoid Amino Complex®.  Our first product is Sequester® Soil Amendment

Water Use Efficiency

A Compelling Reason to implement a strategy of Microbial Soil Reclamation™ with Sequester® – its impact on the water holding capacity & permeability of soil.

Depleted soils lack the structure that enables water retention, contributing to erosion, and water & nutrient run-off.

Cyanobacteria – such as Cyanoblend™ in Sequester® – restore soil’s ability to hold water by improving the structure of soil particles. These particles can then aggregate, creating  a space permeable to water & dissolved oxygen.

As drought, run-off, & salinity impact water supplies, these issues become more & more important. McKinsey Global Institute cites a potential decline of 25% in fresh water supplies by 2050

Our Vision: Real-World Solutions

We are Biodel AG Inc, a value-driven US based organization committed to providing essential biological inputs and practices necessary to reverse the impact of climate change with AG Lands.

We grow, harvest & process micro-organisms and plant extracts to create value driven products for the benefit of our grower-customers so they can economically improve their environmental footprint.

We aim to contribute to a livable future for the generations to come and to improve the health and sustainability of our fellow man, animals, soils & crops.

Our Market

Our market objective is to capture a share of crop input sales to 4.62 Billion acres of AG Lands worldwide.  Crop and Livestock Producers are beginning to transition to regenerative practices to lower operating costs and meet CO2 sequestration goals.  This leads to the sale of carbon credits from AG Lands.

  • Starting with Sequester® Soil Amendment, Biodel AG has a large market opportunity by focusing on depleted and 1.9 Billion acres of salt-affected soils that need to be revitalized and restored. Sequester® drives the process of microbial soil reclamation while growing high yielding crops so our grower-customers can improve production to meet the demand of a rapidly growing population.

  • A pipeline of Sequester® branded soil health, fertility, and crop protection products are being developed by Biodel Ag based upon current and future biological ingredients.

Empowering AG Lands to reverse carbon emissions while increasing Grower profits.

Used in Lawn & Garden, Turf & Landscape, and Commercial Crop Production.