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Biodel AG Secures Series A Investment from Pangaea Ventures to Advance Novel Regenerative Agriculture Technologies

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to improve the health and economic welfare of humans, animals, and plants through the restoration of the soil’s natural ecological balance to provide communities with economic, water and food security. In sequestering atmospheric carbon and placing it in soil to benefit humanity, we will be a part of the solution to climate change and greater economic resilience and security.

The loss of soil’s microbial biomass and the functionality the microbes provide causes a loss of ability to cycle carbon and nutrients. Then soil health declines, along with water holding capacity and crop water use efficiency, resulting in excessive water and fertilizer inputs, and their associated costs, as well as an accumulation of salts. Our microbial blends restore carbon and nutrient cycling to the soil.


Challenge and OpportunityProblemsBiodel’s Solution
Loss of soil’s biomass of microbes causes the soil to lose its ability to cycle carbon and nutrients, reducing yield and revenue.Excessive water and fertilizer use continues to deplete soil health, resulting in less nutritious crop yields.Use Sequester® Soil Amendment to add cyanobacteria to your soil and restore its natural balance.
Soil carbon is untapped for farm revenue.Excessive fertilizer use costs commercial growers money and pollutes the environment. Growing emits GHGs into the atmosphere instead of sequestering them, as soil naturally would.Biodel works with growers on Regenerative Transition Contracts over 5 years to transition to regenerative practices. This program helps turn ag properties from carbon emitters to carbon sinks with proven regenerative practices and marketable carbon credits.